My Angel – A poem for Avan

The heavenly abode was ravaged
The edifice of paradise was reduced to dirt
But some of them stayed back
For there are angels
Who still walk on earth

The pure drops of rain
Are nothing
But tears of the sun
For he also cries
When he can’t find the special one

The wind flows for her
Searching her all around
The river hops
From rock to rock
But she can never be found

The sea comes to the shore
In form of waves
To see if she is here
But even the divine creatures
Can’t find her anywhere

I shall be silent
‘Coz I am selfish
I shall never say
She is in my heart
I fear the angels will turn evil
And take her away


2 thoughts on “My Angel – A poem for Avan

  1. kanwal, i have no words. Thanks a million dear. This poem is awesome and i am seriously touched. U really are a sweetheart. Anyone who knows me would never call me an angel!! i know tht for a fact. but for u, one who is so close to me, to say this, means hell of a lot to me! i am sure u must have forced urself to come up with such a poem for me coz usually all i do is hit u, swear on u or bore the life out of u!!! 😉 ha ha… whtever said and done, THANKS… i really appreiate it…

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