Kailpur Lounge

Yeah, that’s my uncle’s place in Toronto! Now this place is horribly clean in spite of more than 15 years of existence. The lawn in front of the entrance has a small bush, delectably pruned by my aunt. The garage is big enough to fit in two big cars, yeah its true because they have two actually big cars! The garage is all white and it doesn’t look as if it can be anything else! Oh my God, they even make the garage look beautiful. The main door is simple, with bits and pieces of stained glass. Inside, there was a colonial style staircase going to the higher level. But I had better places to check out! There it was, the living room, all lively and ready for an ‘engineer’ like me to get wasted! The luxurious sofa, the view of backyard, LCD TV, a reclining couch and a fully-functional remote! The dining table was conveniently placed in a kitchen which was kind of minimal in style. But when I opened the closets, they were full of goodies! The backyard was well maintained, it was a good camping site. Now we moved to the basement. It was the biggest studio I had ever seen. Maybe that’s because I haven’t seen many in-home ones. One side had the machines and recording systems, the heating system, the saxophone and a fridge full of beer! There was a not-so-tidy room full of old stuff and junk. It was called the ‘storage’ room and access was restricted. There was one room meant for poetry and writing, I didn’t get to spend much time there. Finally uncle showed me the closet with all the music cassettes. They were well kept and yes, there were clues that they had not been touched since a long time. We went up to check out the rooms. There was a room facing the front where Guru Granth Sahib was kept. Then there was Happy bhaiya’s and Leena didi’s room. Uncle’s bedroom was the master room; it was so spacious, like an apartment in itself. The ornamentation befitted the abode of Counts of medieval times. Lastly I checked out the drawing room and the trophy chamber it had. There was some rare stuff, some expensive ones and a lot of simple message items all put safe in a crystal case. All said and done, I loved my room the most. Yes it had a warm, cozy, comfortable bed, a cool side-table and nice, soft carpet; but apart from that, it was the room closest to the washroom!


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