Amrit Vela

What is the importance of Amrit Vela? Hmm, to a child, what is the importance of a diamond? Or any other treasure? No child can know. One or two, might say that it glitters and take a liking to it. Yet, they cannot realize its true value. Similarly, Guru has told us about the Amrit Vela treasure, and only by following the Word of Guru we can realize its true value. It is also known as the Morning of Allah in Islam. Amrit Vela is the time given to us for the preparation of the day. It is the time to read Nitnem Banis and to listen to Asa Ki Var. The morning time is too late for the Sikh. Blessed are those who get the Sangat for Amrit Vela. Everything around is quiet, so quiet that you can hear yourself, you can hear Him within yourself. It has been said that this period is between 3-4 am, around an hour before the sunrise. If one wakes up so, then he is not waking up to sunlight filling up the room. He is up to welcome the sun, he is waiting for the world to come out of their slumber; and take on it with the Lord’s Name in his heart. Such a great power is only obtained as His Gift, as Gur Prasad. Sarbat Ka Bhalla. Waheguru ji ka Khalsa, Waheguru ji ki Fateh.

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