The best goodbye ever. Hmm, I don’t still believe in goodbyes, kyunki yeh zindagi bahut lambi hai aur humare paas waqt bahut kam. As I sit and try to figure out, why my favorite mp3 site is looking more than a year old (it is showing latest songs as those from last year diwali releases like OSO! I guess it attunes its timeline with the speed and connectivity of the visiting user! ), I try to shrug off some notions. Now there are masterminds sitting in all parts of the world, I might agree I have a very influential one lying about in the adjoining room. He is a self confessed corrupter of thoughts and I am a really thoughtful person, almost declared an insane by one and all. Yet I know I have denied him write access to my psyche, no matter how hard he tries. But thanks to other external stimuli, I got down to thinking, again. There are always so many things not done. Somewhere, hidden from me, I must have kept a list of those. The items don’t have a checkbox. For they are things that shall forever stay undone. And yes, fixing the geyser is not one of them. Maybe ridding my room of cockroaches is.

PS: There are no goodbyes Rhea.


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