Puraatan Singhs

I once heard a Katha about a puraatan Singh. This Singh had rescued some Hindu Princess from the invaders. The princess was considered one of the most beatiful women in India. She along with others had been kidnapped to be taken back to Afghanistan and a Jatha of Singhs had rescued them. The Singh that rescued her put her on his horse and began to take her back to her home. The Singh himself was very tall and strong and seeing his way of life on their journey, she asked that he not take her back and instead marry her. The Singh paid no mind to her request and kept going and dropped her off and then returned to his Jatha. When the other Singhs asked what had happend and he told them, one Singh asked, ‘Veer jee, she is considered the most beatiful woman in the North, did you not feel any desire or weakness on the journey or when she proposed to you?’ The Singh replied, ‘Jee, on one side before me stood a form made of mud, filled with filth and crumbling slowly with age. On the other side stood the eternal form of Dashmesh pitaa, glowing and forever present. What choice was there?’


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