Everyday 8-10 pm we learn Gatka at Ameerpet Gurudwara Sahib.

We have learned Chamki, with attack on either sides at:

1. Goti
2. Ghutna
3. Kamar
4. Paeti
5. Modha
6. Kanpati
7. Sirr

When we could do that with Chaar Ghar, we were taught 4 Cheer like a cross (X) and one middle Thrust and one upper Thrust, finishing with a Cheer on the head.

After that we were taught Chaar Vaar, with double attack combinations on each side.

Then came the Soti and Dhaal game engaging.

We were taught to do Fateh, by keeping Dhaal over head and hitting with Soti. After that we move them vertically in front of our stooped body.

Then we go in Sapp di chaal and hit our dhaals agains our sotis.

When the fight is going on, left foot with Dhaal bends forward and the soti goes around and around in various panterae without stopping. The foot is the weak link if we don’t budge it, and if ever there is an attack there, we have to step back on one foot, not both feet backwards.

The key thing is to attack on both sides, and the Dhaal should be kept close to the body while attacking. When defending an attack, you should extend your hand, and the Vaar should hit Dhaal in the center, then retract it.

PS: There is Revolving attack to hit horse riders, where you jump and go severing the sword, but that will be discussed later… when I learn it 🙂


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