Cleanliness is next to Godliness



Today I cleaned up my room and it felt really nice. Specially after I had put away the big bundle of 53 clothes for laundary. Now where does those come from? It perseverance of many weeks my friend. I have neatly stacked my Dumala, Kesari, Blue and White. I will let it be there in peace till the right time comes for them… and me. I have cleaned the only drawer I have in the open, and let go of all the bills, cards, menus and other crap of paper of all kinds I had left in it. It sure looks clean, it sure looks empty. The new Kesari, half orange chadar with many purple white circles is slowly merging (or absorbing) me. After stashing away the unwanted stuff, I feel the room is reaching out for me. I am done for the night. Tomorrow morning, I shall wake up Jasprit veerji if it’s God’s Will. And go for the Nitnem at Khalsa house, walk around Novotel and little exercise of the abs. Then most importantly, tomorrow I will give the dhobi his means of livelihood for next couple of months.


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