Inside The Cell

“… the point of contact for IDC”

“It will be 4 am soon..”

“From somewhere far, the sound of piano keys is dissolving in the jarred chaos of my mind”

“If we think that we have come this far, we are back to just started”

“Tumko dena ho to kaunsa card chalega?”

“You should give me treat at Angeethi”

“I always keep on asking things, you never tell your side of story”

“I still don’t understand”


“A genius of random engineering”

“The cooker won’t blast through your face!”

“My wishlist”

“Oh he is no longer the MD!”

“Aaj Saakhi di wari kidi hai?”

“We are trying to find a room for the scrum..”

“You should be having 2 holidays”

“So far only 6 people are going..”

“Ya that is pretty much me!”

“I have chicken everyday”

“I have packed my bags, I am ready to leave”

“I think I am not that blessed now”

“You have to either make them do it or leave”

“It’s been 4 nights like these”

“By the end of the movie, we also feel somewhere we are lost in our lives”

“I have been preparing my bed everyday before leaving for work, but I seldom get to rest even for an hour”

“Need to buy new slippers and sandals”

“Should I give my bike to him when I leave?”

“He has diabetes and when he says he’s had enough, he means it!”

“His attack could pierce the shield…”

“You were the one who added the salt..”

“Next time he should be given the..”

“I will get it done before I leave..”

“True there is just one kind of love”

“It just needs another 8 weeks, but will I be around?”

“I haven’t gone beyond the 6 I learnt initially..”

“I would like to do the sewa but it won’t be safe for me to drive in this condition..”

“It’s almost 3am, 2 hours more”

“We have always felt the same way, yet so different..”

“He went away an unhappy man”

“Neither would acknowledge that something was wrong”

“Just by knowing that you are fighting is not enough, you need to play your attack well!”

“You need more knowledge”

“It’s been so long.. (and it will take a lil’ longer!)”

“Heaven didn’t hear me ‘coz I had been conspicuously missing..”


“Things deserve to be done in the shortest possible time!”

“Every second counts”


“I will tell him what is Nirvana and ask her what is there to like about the pics”

“Subtle darkness with a tinge of blue”

“How can we blame them?”

“No I will never go in for that”

“My Immortal”

“Mujhe samajh hi nahi aaya main usse kya kehta”

“I don’t leave my life to chances”


“Phasa ke le gayi”

“Did you tell your bro?”

“This hopefully will be the last of your shippy escapades!”

“I can show you where all it is written”

“It says they will not be robbed of their..”

“Hen hen”

“Main bhi..”

“Sab phokat mein gaya”

“It was gud”

“And me trying to put maths into your head”

“Arey itni jaldi khatam mat karo”

“Sahi beta”

“And now you can listen to me”


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