I have always drawn parallels between the mind and the body, including evolution. And I realized, the mind evolves much faster than body. Now I have seen people who have a bit of conflict with uncontrolled evolution of thoughts. I guess I am one of them. But with time, people have let go of this conflict. They have accepted the change and maybe matured. Am I wrong if I can be more resilient? Does that make me the reluctant fundamentalist? One more thing, the changes that I am avoiding, I have already taken the first step. But I am afraid to let the whole change take over me. So where does that leave me? A non-believer having a strand of faith? Or a prisoner of birth suffering in silence? Is it better to let go of this conflict? Is it better to accept things as they are? I don’t feel so, and I will probably fight the world against this, and kind of fight myself. It will not affect me even if the people who have become the New Age relate to their past as being a douche bag. I for one, don’t think so highly of myself..


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