Sleep Cycles

I have been having those bad sleeping patterns again. You are home by 8-9pm and by all means, well prepared to sleep by 10pm. And after fighting all the mind blocks I get to the bed. Still the time 11pm to 2am is marked in inconspicuous restlessness and haggard silence. I wait for the sleep to come, for my eyes to be drowsy. Unluckily there is an impulse in my brain to jump out of my bed and it reaches my limbs before I can control it. Then suddenly the thickness of time dissipates into volatile moments which I never remember, neither on that day or years later. Finally I sleep without checking the watch or having a Plan B to wake up. My eyes see the light of the day at 10.30 am. Somehow it is accurately the time when the 10am scrum gets over, how it happens I don’t get it.

This is something which had plaqued me in college, specially the last year. At that time of my life, I had let lose the reigns, thinking my life was set for the next one year (atleast). I had stopped studying or learning things, let my schedule go haywire. I even understood the thinking of the people who liked to miss the first class daily. I can recall, I used to sleep not before 2am and somehow my mom used to wake me up and get me to 8-8.30. The rest of the day in college used to be marked by shameless somnolence. I never knew it would one day become a part of the system. Suddenly I am back in my room, staring at the ceiling and the next 3 hours I follow the patterns of moisture redistribution.

PS: It is not as if I don’t try, one morning I manage to come in at 10am and the next I am late, again at 1.30pm. Office starts for me post lunch 😦


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