How To Break The Barrier And Restore

This blog is about things.. that won’t work. You will come in this situation, where you have to break the barriers and restore the good old world order. Your first instinct call will be that it is highly as unlikely as pigs flying. If you are a loser and worse still, ignorant as you haven’t gauged yourself, you would not accept that calling and try working out things. After some time you will realize why you are such a loser. But in this life there is nothing as loser or winner. Is there? Soon I had a revelation. We are on a sea shore and we build sand castles. Just when we conclude that it is the best thing to happen in our life and should stay till the end, a wave comes and washes away everything. We do it again. We make different castles. In the end, all we are left with is the sand beneath our feet, thats what it is best for. The final solution to the problem is to drown in the sea. Jal mein kahin..


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