Bhajan Veer

Today I was thinking to write a blog entry. I had nothing on my mind. And then, I got a mail from Ranjeet Singh talking of a Shabad being read for the person leaving for US soon. Yes it was too much confusing what he was talking about until I found the reason behind the sudden trip of SOCH to Chennai.. to meet Bhajan veer. I frantically pinged people and got to know that he is going for 2 years. And the trip was meant to get together and meet him before he left.  I was sad as I couldn’t go for personal reasons and I was thinking that SOCH was making a plan to go to Chennai every month. I tried calling him and couldn’t get through, the number was already invalid and I had no other number of his. I sat back and sighed, realizing things were meant to be like this. I am sad I couldn’t talk to him once. I cannot describe what it means to be in his company. How he lightens up the mood with his simple and laidback demeanor. Everybody greatly benefits from his knowledge and likes to initiate a conversation, he is never without one, never allowed to sit idle and quiet. It is surprising to believe how he has become so forthcoming, knowing he was quite shy in the earlier days when he came to Hyderabad. For 2 years, he will be in US. There was a faint hope somewhere in our hearts, that we will meet him at least once or twice a year, when he was in Delhi or Chennai. Now it will replace itself.


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