The train journeys often include a round of playing cards. Although I hinted at not being interested, the group pulled me in. They were playing bluff. And they asked, rather confirmed that I had no qualms about playing. I shrugged and said no. Yet I felt like playing the game by the rules laid by Guru. Yes right, I decided to stick to truth in the game of bluff. And to as much as possible, not to lose faith in those playing. Faith as you see had an important role. The game went on pretty well, I never keeping a count of the cards I had. But they reduced at a fair rate. Others tried a lot of bluffing and accusing each other to get the better of the game, but the thing is that the game got better of them. At one point, I needed a chance to start a round and win the game. So I called bluff of the adjacent player. That thing backfired and I got to pick the heap of cards that was lying. I learnt my lesson and once was enough. I continued the game as I had done so far, and the Way of Guru won the game. Fateh.


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