Death Comes As The End

Death has shown me its different colors. Now death means a friend you cannot scrap to. It renders a number in phone book useless as you cannot call. It means taking away all the goodness of a memory from a photograph. It makes offline messages on messengers unreachable. It is some sadness which is not easy to take away, for no one knows how deeply it affects you. No one wants to talk, some don’t want the family of the departed to be harrowed anymore and some are unable to face the situation. Those who talk are helpless, how could it happen and why weren’t they given a chance to stop it. What chance can one have? Who can stop? People are written off the rolls of life in no time and those around them are left with some immeasurable pain and a sense of disability. Discussions are appropriately worded. I have never seen such unreal damage done by anything else. But it has to be accepted as the truth. This my friends, is the curse of all men and for once.. boys can cry.


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