All Is Not Random

I will sort out some thoughts as I put them down here. Firstly the 10am daily meeting and its strict attendance is a big blow to the flexibility of our workplace. Secondly it leads to hard practice of accepting that it is beneficial to me or the team or the project or to some definite someone. I know coming early to work is good, but I cannot come to give it due importance and forgo my pre-lunch entry routine. The visible discord it has created is sad to live with and I may as well comply. It’s been the second day and it has worked out fine for me till now. Then I think to myself, if I enforce it upon me to come to office in time; then I should do the same for my Amrit Vela. It is not hard to realize if you have some capability you should extend it to the Sewa of Guru. So come what may, I have to try this out and yes, I surely will. Even if it means staying overnight at Khalsa house. And same goes for my Shastra vidya practice. I don’t want to hang about at the level that I am now. I have to learn fast, and make up for the short time that I have. The sacrifice they say comes in making every achievement. And here it could be my non-existent social life and my sleep. Please, meet anyone who knows me (apart from my folks) and they will tell you I am not asocial if you go by the definition of it. As far as Sleep is concerned, for over 20 years I have enjoyed 20x8x365=58400+ hours of sleep. If I sleep less than 6 for a few months, it will not make a big deal. In case it does, I will be back to blog it here!


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