5.30 pm in Redmond

So how has my first week in States been? Totally unpredictable, I would say. Being here for 4 weeks, I thought I had have time to plan out stuff. I could plan really few things, like getting a car to drive, going to the company store for the Windows 7, making it to a bookstore for Soma and ordering my items. Rest all I have been tagged along by whosoever came to ping me. The first week went by without any sun and I felt not bad at not bringing the camera, the light conditions were not very favorable. Food has been good, but I have made some bad choices and paid for it. Staying at the rented apartment has been an experience of its own, I thought I had learnt quite a bit by my stay in Hyderabad, but less than 4 weeks of stay at any place leaves you confused. By not bringing the camera, I had tried to stick to the totally business aspect of the trip, but it has turned out to be another (mis)adventure for me. I have felt kind of sad at times, with the weather, the unwanted solitude and specially the unfamiliarity of the things. I have come across interesting facts like the mother of some bibi in UK who wears Baana even though she must have crossed half a century. I have met some nice Gursikh people. But there is something that still eludes me. I came here for a change unto myself and that totally didn’t work. I am worse than a struggling actor in Mumbai (jai Maharashtra) and the deal is that, I have come to believe I exist at various levels. My life is running on parallel machines, yet at all levels, am no less a loser. Does that make sense? Having family here is further diluting my diligence in working here. They all have so many expectations and they all want to meet me the coming weekend. I for one had never known what’s coming the next moment. Believe me I love you all guys more than I could ever compute statistically, I am just so bogged down by myself, I don’t get to call anyone. And I want to badly meet you all, but this US of A is a cruel place, its expansion is beyond verifiable limits to be called a country. And you know how cruel men behave in cruel places.


One thought on “5.30 pm in Redmond

  1. Dude, cheer up. They say, if it doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger. If that sounds unpoetic, take it as an experience and a step on the journey.
    BTW, I really like the way you write. Witty.

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