6pm in Redmond – Some Other Day

Another day and suddenly some of the things are working up. It has lightened my spirits and has made me look ahead better. Coming to US for an on-site project cum work cum learning kind of thing is actually a nightmare. You feel nothing is working and you haven’t learnt anything. You are halfway through your time here and you don’t have any measureable output. The hopes are always high and back there in office things are being anticipated. If I didn’t know stuff like work pressure, expectations, priorities and rat race, I am sure I have known them now. If I didn’t know why those grey winters depresses people, let’s say am a little more understanding than before. A better plan is in place and thanks to help from one of the Devs here, he is going to come up with a plan for the rest of the 9 days (actually 10 but keeping in mind that I will be travelling one weekend and my flight back is 6pm Friday which will totally eat out the buffer). Anyway I have to go, mom might have been online. Apathy.


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