The God Files

Ever had an experience with God? I always thought that you are not expected to share such stuff. It is more upon your understanding and generally won’t make sense with others. Today in office I wanted to have 2 packets of M & M chocolate candies. I put in the 2 dollars (each is worth 90c) and try to find a way to get two out, without the need for me putting in money again. But I gave up thinking that it only vends out one item in one go (or that it remains undisovered). It so happened, that due to bad placement of the second packet, it also got pushed and 2 packet of candies came out.

This is some way I feel, God listened to me, even without me wanting it so badly. In some weird way, the thing I was trying out actually happened in a seemingly impossible manner. It was like a prayer answered but it came with a question. My change was not 10c but 1.10$. God left it upon me what to do with that extra 1$.

I have a question for you.

So tell me what YOU would have done with that 1$?

PS: I did what I had to, and it was done, as it was destiny. But thinking what you will do, will help you understand the situation when it comes to you.


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