Tenets For Khalsa

  • The Khalsa identity is ordained by Tenth Nanak, in accordance with Divine Will.
  • This is most natural form with a turbaned head. He wears the five insignia as the divine gifts.
  • He is the baptised one and under protection of the Guru.
  • Shunning ornaments, he is always imbued with Nam.
  • He prays during the ambrosial hours of the morning. He earns with sweat of his brow, meditates on Nam and shares his earnings with the needy.
  • He lives according to Divine wisdom.
  • He abides by the tenets of meditation, charity and purity. He shuns all intoxicants.
  • He is not slave to tasty food, unfit for godly persons.
  • He refrains from adultery, slander and others’ wealth. He is congenial and soft spoken. He is humble in spite of his position and strength. He lives according to Divine wisdom rather than following his mind.
  • He does not indulge in vulgar music and dance. He enjoys divine music in holy congregations.
  • He does not hunt with evil instincts in the garb of a holy person.
  • In holy congregations, he seeks spiritual food in Divine praise.
  • He eats to live, sleeps only for rest and talks to the point. He refrains from wishful thinking.
  • He reads, hears and sings Gurbani, so as to practice its teachings in daily life. He accepts the Divine will cheerfully.
  • He is free from lust, anger, greed, attachment and conceit. With truthful living, he does not indulge in cheating.
  • He neither fears anyone nor causes fear. With his protective nature and friend of the humble, he fights against cruelty and injustice.
  • He worships only One God and no other deity. He has complete faith in the ten Gurus and Sri Guru Granth Sahib as his liberators.
  • He does not believe in caste system, untouchability, magic, good-omen, observance of special days, rituals for the dead or any other brahamanic rituals, idol worship, worship at graves or the rituals of other faiths. He does not indulge in rituals against Guru’s teachings.
  • The procedures for celebrations of birth, death, baptism and marriage are in the light of Guru’s teachings.
  • Thoughts of hell or heaven do not bother him. He is only devoted to Divine Love.
  • His greeting is ” Khalsa belongs to God and God be victorious “. His war cry is ” Whoever utters God is Eternal Being, shalll ever be happy ” so also at various congregational gatherings.
  • Khalsa is universal and does not limit his allegiance to boundaries of countries.
  • He prays for universal good.
  • He is Pure without any blemish.

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