My Dear

My dear, I am sorry we couldn’t meet. I was badly looking forward to meeting you after so long. That disconnect we had has made things seem so out of place for me. But the problem is that I ain’t the same anymore. I feel that I have become a more wretched person. So meeting me would have made you feel uncomfortable. I wanted to avoid that for you, I hope you understand. This is some sort of disease, more on the congenital side. And now it is taking over me. It is slowly eating up my mind and is characterized by persistent fever, which subsides on taking medicines. But as you know me, I haven’t been regular with them. Sometimes the whole day I don’t take my medicine at all. It breaks my mind, into two and it doesn’t stop at that. All the while I have longed to meet you, while I was still in good health. We couldn’t make plans that work and I was mostly responsible. I have been afraid to meet you in this state of mine. Let me take some rest, let me get better, let me recover or I am guessing it could still get worse. I have not been admitted and I don’t wish to be. Being in a closed room all the time, with no idea of what’s happening in the world, I have seen that for not one night but two. Thankfully it was for someone else, I wasn’t the patient. But even at that time I had this illness. I promise you that we will meet, as soon as I am in the same good health, when we last met in July. I assume you know that I cannot call you either, you won’t recognize my voice and am afraid you would break down crying. Now don’t get scared too easily as you usually do. I have the medicine that works. The best doctor in the world is taking care of me. I will be fine in no time. We will meet, and hang about somewhere.. and we will laugh like no one’s watching.


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