Guru’s Baana

After the Saturday morning Asa Ki Vaar, one veerji, who is an IPS officer started talking about history of Guru Gobind Singh in Nanded. He remarked how he wanted to stay for not more than 2 weeks, but had to stay back because of the injury. Then we discussed how Banda Singh Bahadur was probably still around in Nanded when Guru left for Heaven. Overall, he pointed out, Guru Gobind Singh wasn’t in Nanded for more than a month.

Then he started talking about the Akalis, or Nihangs as the world calls them and the way they dressed, pointing out to me. Now I thought I was in Guru’s Baana and though we had great amount of discussions about the first Amrit Sanchar of 1699 and birth of Khalsa, he seemed to be quite oblivious of the importance of Baana.

I wanted to tell him, kind of correct him, but then I saw the ‘I’, so I refrained. I didn’t know what to tell him either. Why have we just left the Nihangs to wear the Guru’s Baana? Why do we feel afraid of going out in the public wearing it? I had no answers. There were Nihangs, Akalis, Deccan Sikhs, Punjabis and what not, but my people looked far from my Guru’s dream of one Khalsa.

That afternoon, I came back to my room, I was dead tired. In the undefended charge of sleep walking up on my back, I remove my Katana from my waist band, took waist band off along with Parna. I took off the Sarb Loh shastras from my Dumala and lastly took off my sandals. Finally I fell like a sack.

When I got up, I could feel the Color of the Lord had been absorbed by every drop of blood running in my veins. It felt great to walk about in that Blue Chola and Blue Dumalla. I saw how the Guru had created us. How he had made us the Saint and the Soldier. How he helped us in finding the balance in between. I remembered how he had given us Free Will and how I could find no reason for loving Guru’s Baana.


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