Open Source

Which is the most secure location in the world? Your almirah, the safe? Or your secluded burying spot in the backyard? I think it is the mind. The mind is the most secure (and now slought, a la Inception) data center. It stores your deepest secrets, the memories, all your passwords, account numbers, phone numbers, worries, gripes and what not. You can smile at a person and probably curse him inside. You can lie to people or please them. You can be overcome by greed by looking at things in an nonchalant way from the outside. You can disrespect the fair sex without even saying a word to them. You can let anger manifest in your mind such that you wish to decapitate the person standing in front of you. Or on the other end, you could long for a person, to tell them how much you care or hug them, playing out the things within which shall never act out in the open. You stand on what you not see as the edge, being happy for the castles and mansions you have built. You fill your mind with filth, where it should have been an empty book. Why? Because no one can read your mind. No one, not even in a Sci Fi fantasy. For the mind is a language no one can interpret. For that has come to be understood by one and all. And they let their minds wander, picking up the smudges. On nights which are dark enough, the same thoughts and worries play with us, trick us into the dreams they create and then we wake up only to deem them unreal. And all this has been between you and me, my precious. Yes? No, we have been wrong. Someone has been listening. Someone knows what all thoughts we think, what all evil we sow in our minds and plough with our ruthless ambitions. Nothing is hidden. It is like you are walking in a crowd full of your friends (or foes whatever) and everyone can read your thoughts. What would you do? You would wish you stopped thinking. There are things you would like to think about again and again, burn yourself in anger and lash at people, but not at the expense of others knowing. You would want your mind to go blank. If you could, you would. And then you would know peace. No crowd. No fear. And you would be probably comfortable inspite of the fact that someone can read all your thoughts. And remember, this mind-sharing relationship is not a one to many. It is more of a one to One.


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