Exit Interview

These are the last few days of my job here at MS.

And Guru is showing me weird things, true things but they are manifesting themselves in strange ways.

So what do people say? The MD Srini is also leaving. They say it is a coincidence that we both are leaving around the same time. Someone will save on the return trip. Some people ask if you will still buy and play games or if I plan to buy an Xbox or Office 2010 or VS 2010 from company store before leaving?

But that is not all. No that is not..

They start making plans for my absence. Some of them are rubbing hands for the set of monitors that were alotted to me. Some are eyeing my cube itself. One of them asked what will you do with Mona Lisa? And in another instant he asked will you return the books?

They all have plans, I am the one who is supposed to have the grand plan. Now I am the one who’s moving out of the scheme of things. And then all the packing and picking stuff, making sure it reaches where it has to, taking care of the stuff I am leaving behind. Does this ring some bell in your ears? Or some sleeping corner of your running mind?

No it doesn’t. It is not supposed to mean anything. But I can say, it is coming out to be a good experience. God Bless.


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