Minus Five

That is the predicted weather for tonight at Edmonton. I am sitting in front of the plastic furnace like heater. It is well past 2am and I am again going to miss my Amrit Vela. With some hope and a prayer, have put the iPod near me with the 5am alarm. I still have a partial jet lag, which means I feel dead sleepy from 7-11pm. And then I am up like it is afternoon in some far far away place. I have come to this totally alternate life. And it ticks by the same way as it used to earlier. For you have been trapped. You have one solid reason for not venturing outside again, and this time the reason is going to be as solid as snow. The customary bowel problems have coagulated over and about you. So you come to believe the junk is going inside you and is going to stay there. You feel the bulk and volume catching up on you. There are people suggesting you the gym, for it is the only way to achieve (not even exceed) the perspiration commitments you have made to yourself. The doors are open but all the roads to getaways are closed. Walking to Gurudwara in the morning while doing Panj Baaniyan so that you can be there in time for Asa Ki Var is not a good idea anymore, chances are you will be frozen in the sub zero environment. You now need a car and a letter from the authorities in India that you have been a good driver. OK there are many TO DOs and I have to start managing things fast. For I already have my next goal set.


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