Dead Sea Scrolls

One day before, I was kinda sure that it’s gonna happen… ( I swear I was!!) Its been 3 years since then – Many unfortunate things occurred at that time. And I had completely forgotten about them… just till a couple of weeks back when I couldn’t believe what I had deciphered about the past… which even happens to be true.

But yesterday was different, when it all smashed back – shattering the every element of philogyny in me. Just a morning dream – they say they come true. I wish it never does… Gosh! Am being it again.

It just left me terrified and distressed.. I couldn’t  get it off my head.
Just had a small talk with bhu when he suggested me to watch a movie. He’s just a sweetheart at times like this. It did help… at least for that period of time. It had a sweet story n I kinda liked it.

I later took up the newspaper just to check out the name of the movie when I was left in flinch. It was exactly the same as the title of this entry.


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