Attention Span

You sit on the bed cross legged and put over the quilt. It seems you are more concerned about the comfort part. Indeed you are. As you are about to begin, you think of reciting the Name first. You start slowly. You say again and again the Word of Lord’s Name. You repeat on the Guru Mantra. Again and again, with every breath. You breath in and breath out Naam. Over and over again. But what is this happening? Your thoughts are still filled with malice. You are not focused on the Lord. You know you are not ready to start doing the morning Nitnem, you are not pure hearted to start the Panj Baaniyan. Why is there so much delay? You know, they say if you have plants, it is not enough that you water them. Sometimes you have to sing to them, talk to them, be gentle with touch etc. There is a little extra which is needed for the ordinary to become the extra ordinary. And then I dived deeper into my mind, my heart, my soul. I imagined myself to be hanging inverted in an ocean of dirty thoughts. Hanging about due to my buoyancy. I tried to look deep inside and I found the stopper. I pulled its chain, and the flow of thoughts started going into Zero Space. In a blink I opened the eyes, I could see a lot more clearly. I looked down on my iPod, started iNitnem. Started reading the first line. Ik Onkar, Satnaam, Karta Purakh..


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