Why Dumalla

After 2008, I got interested in wearing a Dumalla. So much so that kept my beard open and went to my Microsoft office in Hyderabad wearing a Dumalla. It looks like this:

Sikh child in Dumalla

Now the thought comes.. why Dumalla?

Why would you leave the turban you have worn for 20+ years for this very traditional, orthodox and outdated head wear?

Here comes my list of thoughts and my reasons:

  1. When Guru Gobind Singh first formed the Khalsa and gave the Roop to Panj Piyare, the turban was tied in this Dumalla style. It is part of our BAANA.
  2. The current pointed 5-6 meter turban we see now was NOT common in 1699 but very much later towards the end of 19th century. It was started in Sikh kingdom of Punjab and known as Patiala style since long.
  3. Dumalla is thus the original symbol of Khalsa head covering.
  4. It comes in only 4 colors, Black, Blue, White and Kesari. Thus no need and urge to match it with your shirt color and do fashion.
  5. You can tie it without needing a mirror or anyone’s help to press, stretch and fold the turban.
  6. At no point do you require to hold the cloth in your mouth. Getting turban cloth in contact with your saliva is wrong.
  7. It incorporates the Sant-Sipahi philosophy of Sikhi. It applies right pressure on your skull at right points so that your mind is under your control, not the other way. It also provides TRUE protection to your head all around, not exposing the back side of your head.
  8. I get to do Waheguru jaap every time I tie dumalla, something the other turban never inspired me to.
  9. Here at every round, you are not concerned with how each Ladh (fold) is coming. You tie turban which is the only concern.
  10. Dumalla doesn’t put pressure on your hair, but covers all around thus letting it grow in the middle. It also protects your Dasam Dwaar.
  11. You cannot carry the turban weapons like Chakar in the currently prevalent version.
  12. Dumalla is our culture and heritage, and there is strong urge within to keep it popular.
  13. It is a symbol of accepting yourself as Sikh of Guru and giving up everything that connects to the past life.
  14. It puts fear in hearts of those who have ill-will.
  15. It doesn’t come off in one go by pulling, it has to be taken off the way it is tied.. round by round, fold by fold.
  16. Dumalla means to double the intensity of good thoughts in your mind and actions.
  17. You cannot do Gatka wearing the Chola and Patiala turban.
  18. Dumalla is tied in a fashion such that it has reflection symmetry.
  19. A well tied Dumalla with little help from Tora can stop attack from blade of sword or bullet.
  20. Dumalla cloth is lighter and eases the surface evaporation-internal cooling of head.

One thought on “Why Dumalla

  1. I was really looking to move from my boat style pagg to the Dumalla and this is exactly what I wanted to read. I was afraid that only Nihangs could wear them, but in my mind I knew that this is how traditionally we should be wearing the Dastar. Thanks!!

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