Finding Saints

At times, many people fire questions at you. And you don’t have answers. You cannot trace the source back. This makes your realize that in some areas your knowledge is half baked. Guru suggests that you go searching for Lord’s Saints. They will tell you the Truth. And it is not very easy to find them. They are very rare. But one knows for sure when we meet them. The other option is to pray to Guru, read Gurbani and ask for the answer. You just wish the Saints would be with you, so that they can correct you when you are wrong. The Sangat would be there to give you examples of Truthful living. How rare is this wealth, and how rich are those who earn it. So much so, that people would cut their bodies into pieces at the feet of such Saints. They would sacrifice their lifestyle to be servants of their servants. But today no one has such feeling, so no one finds the Saints. They have become a bit unheard of. They have become a myth, those who are the True Merchants of Truth and Peace.


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