I was reading a paranormal experience of a lady. She has bad headaches and inability to move in arresting seizures. All tests have proven to be non-conclusive. She is said to be healthy, both physically and mentally. Somehow she came across an article about spirits, reincarnations, exorcism and superstition regarding graves. It even featured the name of a prominent Sikh preacher. Well she just read the article (which was too long and much of it looked fabricated!) and accepted. She simply accepted she was in control of a spirit and she needed exorcism. A well meant post asking her to seek a psychiatrist was ignored. Are we so shallow? Is our judgement so brittle? I agree it is beyond us and science, to understand the complex functioning of the human body. And so when it brings us down, we accept the unacceptable. In another article I read that having an aspirin and a cup of coffee is the best cure for hangover. First you flush your body with alcohol and then you take in caffeine and medicines. I hope that many people do that and make it a lifestyle. When we run away from our problems, sometimes in our madness we run into bigger ones. We have to be calm and of sound mind. Let’s not torture ourselves. On a side not, hehe, I wish I could be more tolerant of people and their quirky habits.. inside out.


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