Living Guru

In one of the Hyderabad Sikh group mails, it was discussed how the ‘absence’ of Living Guru after Guru Gobind Singh has affected the ‘devotion’ of the ‘sangat’. Now some of the terms used in previous sentences can never be described ‘completely’. Oh there I go again. Anyway, there are some notable changes. Like there is no sewadar nearby when Prakash of Guru Granth Sahib is there, some are gone for langar and other stuff. People continue sitting in the hall, they talk loudly, no one discusses Gurbani or something and children are left to run freely. This is like a classroom where teacher is sitting and the children are making a ruckus, openly defying and disrespecting the teacher. When Guru Sahib is taken from one place to another, there are no Panj Piyare some times leading the procession. Another difference is the fact, that some people used to have a Darshan of the Ten Gurus and were emancipated. Now one has to sit with full attention and read Guru Sahib. Some people have Prakash of Guru Sahib, yet they continue to speak lies, cheat people etc. With time, Amrit and initiation of a Sikh was evolved, which finalized into the Pratha of Khalsa in 1699. Now it is a mere representation of a strict lifestyle, which many don’t adhere to and some plan it for ‘later’ stages of life. By His grace, we have Guru’s presence in every city of the world, but do we have Guru in the heart of every Sikh?


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