Yes a blog title which takes you nowhere. But it is about 5 years, since I met my cousin. He comes to India not so often, but earlier used to meet him every time. How I lost the sense of time, I have no clue. It came back to me, I had seen him at his grandparents old home. Those guys had moved 5 years ago, and yet he had come to India many times over. But I couldn’t meet him. Since 2007 have been mostly in Hyderabad, but what happened in the previous 2 years? Why couldn’t meet him? Even in my 3 years in Hyderabad, I came almost every month to Delhi. But I never met him. I should have managed my program better. Or come twice in a month, nothing is no big deal. Most of the times I was out of Delhi, I usually had no clue when he came and when he left. He was very dear to me, we played stupid games, had fights and danced on beds. Of course we would run down to the local store at his place to buy dozen of chewing gums and make modern art on the walls. But we have not only outgrown that phase, we have actually grown up independently of each other. We talk a lot less, and this blog post is due to a chat we just had. Don’t know where it goes from here..


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