As of now, Bing still shows RIM.com in their search results. On the other hand, Google has fixed (or say removed) the SERPs for now. No RIM.com there.

Update: Bing also fixed their search results.

The war of the search Lord(s) has been heated up again. This doesn’t seem to be one man vendetta of some Mr. Singhal. It seems to be Google’s waste of time too. I am also wondering what Bing (or MS) does with the link. Does it actually ‘learn’ on the given search link? If it does, then it will continue to affect the search numbers of Google as well. I believe MS parsed the link and formatted it just to learn on the actual link it pointed to. It has more consequences (if proven) that MS is also using the data to learn on certain search ad based KPIs. I am not sure if that is coming next.


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