Truth and Losing Falsehood

Came across a few questions on a forum and tried to answer:

3. As per my understanding Ajooni means one who does not need to take birth. Does it mean he cannot take birth as well.
4. Is it god’s limitation that he cannot have desire or cannot take birth.

Now all this is tough to explain. For we are born to die (and maybe ‘freed’). The only permanent thing per se is the sun and earth, but in our relative frame of reference. As per the rules of Universe, even the sun and earth would be destroyed. So how can we describe something which is never born, never dies. I think the only way is to use mathematics of limits. Let us assume that at X point in past, God was born and in Y point in future, God will disappear. Now even if X->Infinity and Y->Infinity, God will be there. God is free from reference. God has no other in equal plane/time/space/authority that it can be compared to. For example, the concept of Truth. It was never born, it will never die. But it has been there, ever since man became intelligent, he knew the concept of Truth. It was revealed to man. Man never found a date of birth for Truth. Truth was there before we became Men from Monkeys. Truth will be there after Man destroys itself. Truth is not helpless that it cannot take birth. We are helpless we cannot become souls of 100% Truth. Truth has no desire, God has no desire. Truth improves our lives, connecting to God improves our souls chances. God and Truth are one.


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