The Promise of Christ

As Christ goes from history to semi-fiction in my myriad sea of confused understandings, I wonder if we can ‘real’-ize what it meant to be Jesus. Jesus kept His promise, of the Prophecy (if there was one, I believe there should be one!), to His Father, to His followers and a promise to the mankind forced on Him by His followers. Jesus kept all the promises He made and all the promises that will be made in His name. Maybe He has already returned, and people let Him pass in ignorance. He must have received those who conquered Death and Sin in the Realm of Truth. It is even said He will fulfill every promise of His in New Testament. But what if the people forget what Jesus promised? Will he able to fulfill a promise forgotten? Some say He will come when it is not expected. Will people be ready when He comes? All that is too ambiguous. But one thing is for sure. People may forget his Promise. They may forget Jesus Himself. As long as there is a single believer in this world, His words and promises will stand True.


One thought on “The Promise of Christ

  1. I’ve always wondered that… Many Christians I find nowadays are so unlike their Christ. Would they even recognize Christ if He arrived, or just dismiss Him as a hippie?

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