Freedom of Behavior

We humans have been given the free will. As a child, we do things as we please. We are unaware of what is right and what is wrong. As adolescents we are given a set of rules. Sometimes we stick to them, sometimes we go grossly against them just to prove a point. At times, we do things which seem to beĀ inappropriate, just to try them out. But have we ever thought how that one thing is affecting our life in the long term. And even if we know the repercussions, do we learn to give up such actions. No it is a cycle of thinking, trying and failing. And that is because we are not pulling out roots of the weed. It stays there while we have slashed away the stem. It grows out again, feeding on our lack of determination. I am afraid I would like one blog post after another on my failures, my unhappiness, my hate for the world but I will never conquer any of it. I am a so called King with a Turban but am just a monarch in name. I have rule over nothing. I am like acid rain falling from the sky, not a regal eagle flying high above the clouds.

PS: They say it is all by His Grace. But I am like an unfinished pot of clay. And if he pours His Amrit of Grace into me, I wouldn’t be able to hold it but melt away.


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