Back to Year One

Now this can turn out to be a weird blog post. It is not about inspiring oneself when one has fallen like a spider halfway from a wall. It is not about shouting to the world that if I die after 30, I ain’t dying as a bachelor (a la Friends’ promise!). It is not about discussing stuff with my siblings about how I plan to change my life around. It is about accepting the Will. It is about accepting the fact that I can handle the stuff that’s being given to me. For even if they strip me of my dignity and freedom, I will enjoy via my five senses. I know that guided by my purpose in life, as long as I will be, I will not decay. I have a self healing process which will get me on my feet, even if I slip badly by taking an icy sideway. I have the power to mend things in a perfect way in spite of all those broken mechanics inside me. Even if they lock me up in dungeons many hundred feet below the earth, I will be a free soul soaring in the skies. Nothing can keep me down.


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