Nihang Rehatnama

  • DON’TS
  • A Guru’s Sikh that doesn’t bath in cold water (except for medical reasons).
  • One who eats breakfast without reciting Sri Japji Sahib Ji or doesn’t recite Sri Rehrass Sahib at Dusk.
  • One who sleeps at night without reciting Sri Kirtan Sohila Sahib.
  • One who causes hindrance in someone’s success through backstabbing and cheating; damns the essence of his/her human birth and loses the path of ‘Dharma’.
  • One who does not adhere to their word. So says Guru Gobind Singh, he/she will never find peace of mind.
  • One who eats meat for taste.
  • One who sings words that is not in accordance with Guru’s Shabads (Gurbani) or who listens to the music that is lustful and seductive.
  • [Says Guru Gobind Singh Ji] Listen O Nand Lal, that person is bound to go to hell.
  • One who does his/her daily deeds without Ardas or eats anything without thanking Akal Purakh- the giver of food.
  • One who accepts something that was given away for charity (or abandoned).
  • One who has lustful feelings for women other than his wife (vice-a-versa for women).
  • One who does not donate to the needy and homeless will never receive respect in the court of Akal Purakh.
  • One who doesn’t enjoy listening to keertan or katha (Guru’s sermon).
  • One who speaks ill about Saints and Sikhs or who earns money through slandering and gambling.
  • They receive severe punishment for such misdeeds.
  • DO’S
  • With as much energy as you have donate to the Guru’s Golak (treasury).
  • Prepare Karah Parshad* and offer it to the Khalsa.
  • Wear a Kasherra (special briefs) and a tie a turban on your head.
  • Remain attached to the teaching of the Guru Granth Sahib. Giving these teachings the Guru then presented swords to the Singhs.
  • The Guru further said keep knives and quilts around your turbans.
  • Read Gurbani at all times. Read Japji Sahib and Jaap Sahib twice a day and also read Anand Sahib and Rehras Sahib (in evening).
  • Read Chandi Bani while standing. Tie your turban afresh twice a day.
  • Drink the Guru’s nectar and practise hunting and preserve the art of using weapons however you can.
  • Eat goats only after performing Jhatka on them, do not go near any other type of other meat especially halal.
  • Look after your unshorn hair on your head and do not cut any hairs from your body.
  • Leave behind the ways of the your past life and forever keep your focus on the Gurus holy feet.
  • Whatever Singh strays from the path and performs bad actions, be sure to administer a punishment upon him.
  • Do not love ones external form, nor am I concerned with ones caste or social standing
  • Do not strike fear into anyone and be afraid of none.
  • Have faith in one Akaal Purakh (timeless being) alone and they will be on hand to forever assist.
  • Earn an honest living and give one tenth of your earnings to the Guru.
  • Keep the Guru’s treasury in your homes, considered the mouth of the poor to be the Guru’s treasury – have no doubt in this…
  • Arise in the ambrosial hours of the morning, brush your teeth and take a bath.
  • Chant the name of God and teach others to do so too, read Gurbani and teach others to read too.
  • When the day begins take part in the holy congregation.
  • Wash your kesh- unshorn hair (atleast) every four days, comb your hair with your wooden kangha twice a day and look after your kesh.
  • Never touch your kesh with unclean hands, respect your kesh equal to the Guru.

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