Amrit and Sikh

Khalsa has one ruler, the Akaal Purakh. Khalsa is not ruled by mortals who walk on Earth. And since Khalsa worships only Akaal Waheguru, we should understand that the glory and every Gunn of Khalsa is independent of time and space. Some believe Khalsa is anyone who does ‘Naam Simran’  That is….devotion to the Almighty….. Be they of any faith, creed, country etc. by definition, is a Khalsa…..Pure of soul and body and mind. True they are Khalsa, and the Khalsa Panth or Path is the Guidance of Guru Gobind Singh to become Khalsa like them. To have Naam Simran and Sewa enshrined in our daily lives. But how do you know Khalsa, just by Naam Simran and nothing else?  How do you know if one does Simran by heart? Remember in Mythology, Vishnu proved to Naarad Munni that he was not a true devotee just by taking his name all the time.

The word ‘Khalsa’ was known to Sant Kabir. But Amrit is the physical ceremony where you give your Will to Guru. Just like marriage is the physical ceremony which says you have chosen your life partner. And even the word Guru was there before Ten Masters and still many people use it as their title. If you have a Guru except Guru Granth Sahib ji, it doesn’t mean you are Sikh. Guru calling someone Khalsa means that their actions are so blessed by their hard work and devotion, that even their company is like a rain of Amrit. We calling ourselves Khalsa means we are just happy to take up the label, we don’t even know what all we have to go through, what level of devotion we have to reach to be Khalsa. If we were Khalsa, we wouldn’t have to take birth I guess.

Guru Gobind Singh started the way of Khalsa on taking Amrit. And now we are making it look like it is just some bonus Sikhism offers eh? Have we ever said NO to bonus salary at our workplace? Sikhi asks for very simple lifestyle of Naam simran and honest living. That is the reason Guru gave the life of Amrit. It is a discipline a disciple has to follow. It is a way of dedicating your every breath to Guru. If you wish to try other means of meeting Guru, it is OK. But please don’t bring down the value of Amrit which was administered by Guru Gobind Singh with His Own Hands. Baba Deep Singh ji who gave up his life for Amritsar took up Amrit. Baba Banda Singh Bahadur took up Amrit.

Raaj Karega Khalsa was claimed by Guru Gobind Singh when he declared Guru Manyo Granth. And it means ruling your 5 senses, ruling your 5 vices and ruling the hearts of all people around you. For that is indeed greater than ruling any land or country. Khalsa is a reflection of Waheguru on Earth. So taking up of that title is no easy feat. As for people who believe that they can be Sikh without Amrit, I won’t say anything else except that Amrit is your discipline given by Guru Gobind Singh. Now it is up to you to embrace it or not.


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