First Gatka Encounter

Things change fast. It’s been more than a month since I blogged. And WordPress UI has changed quite a bit. There have been many other changes on the web. New content coming up and getting missed by me, which is not good because I am really good at tracking. Today there was Nagar Kirtan in Edmonton. I didn’t want to go. As I always end up being critical and comparing things. And as you would say, there were many things to bring to notice. I met one Singh in full Baana, he felt the same and he was more insightful. He was new to Edmonton. I was almost wishing to take up his Sri Sahib and perform. But then I restrained myself. I am known to be a bit edgy and jumpy. I didn’t meet the person again. The whole Nagar Kirtan was more like a Vaisakhi Mela at both Gurudwaras (starting and ending points). Even when the Nagar Kirtan had left, many people were busy still eating around. We took a shortcut to reach midway before the others arrived. People were just talking to each other and walking. Many of those offering and taking food were not covering their heads. There were some Dhaadhi Jathas and people doing on back of trucks, singing Kirtan. The whole ‘parade’ was pretty colorful with a good turnout of over ten thousand. But it was very bland. Finally I saw a team performing Gatka. I ran towards them. They were doing Pradarshan of various acts. I picked up Dhaal-Soti and played for some time. That Singh was charging ahead with each step. I also did single Soti fight and I was pretty good. Better than I expected. One Singh played free style with me and attacked my ankle. I was able to block it by putting my stick down and he was surprised as if I were the first one to ‘get away’. Then he looked beyond me, tricking me into thinking someone was behind or distracting and attacked my right upper arm. But all in all, I had good play. The team was actually from Vancouver (Surrey) and they were worried why this guy was picking up the weapons and performing. They asked me time to time to talk to Jathedar Sahab. He knew Esher Singh ji and Narinder Singh ji from Hyderabad. The team was performing at few spots. Walking mostly. I missed how in Hyderabad we would not get chance to play because everyone would be so excited to come in and flex their hands. And how Narinder Singh ji would buy new equipment for every Nagar Kirtan (at times there would be more than 3 in a month). That said, I know I shouldn’t compare. But the numbers say for themselves. Playing for hours while walking more than 10 miles and still the energy levels won’t go down. May Waheguru give me more chances to have such Bir Ras.


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