June and Me

The month of June is indeed convergence of past memories and the future for me. It has my birthday, one unforgotten event and anniversary of 1984. Yes 1984, when the blogosphere and much of Sikh community is really active. They hate the month of June, they still wish June 1984 never happened. In some way we all do. But they wish that June 1984 as a whole month was taken away from the past. That cannot be done. The God’s Will can never be undone. Perhaps I can never feel their pain. It will never be a closed chapter, just some hidden skeletons in the closet. The horrors and stories will remain in the minds of the people and the infinite yet ignored online articles. Sadly with each passing year, the chance of getting justice goes down. I once told a friend, if such an attack happens on Darbar Sahib again, I would probably run to Amritsar to defend it. Even if it costs my life. She didn’t understand my tendencies. No one in my family or most of my friends will. They wouldn’t understand why I would want to spend my last days there either. Anyway some things cannot be planned.

The unforgettable event in my life is very small but inspiring day. And it has something to do about planning 8 days in advance. That’s what beautiful surprises are about. That’s how you find some goodness in an otherwise tragic day. It was a change which I would have never accepted at that time. But now I see how God works to appreciate his concern for me. And regarding my birthday this month, it never happened earlier that I forgot the fact that my birthday is coming, even for a second in the first 2 weeks of June. Now it happens. I know it is probably because am not with my parents, my birthday is important to me for the happiness it brings to my parents, when they celebrate this otherwise-any-other-day with me. Anyway I have written enough with the time I had. Time to go.


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