Why do I have so many emails?

I have a Hotmail (actually two, linked!), Yahoo mail, Gmail, Khalsa mail etc. I have 3-4 redundant blogs which all point to this page. Why do I have all that? Sometimes I wonder about the carbon footprint, but that is all loose talk in my opinion. I think it is more about trying out different things, mails with different flavors, features, disk space and desired user names. I believe having one would have sufficed, but then it expanded to being one for official purposes, one for messenger etc. This leaves me with a big online presence and probably eats up most of my time.  Whereas people give up their older emails (I do the formal processing by deleting the profile sometimes), I simply stick to them. And add to this bloated mix, I have now started being regular on some forums. Slowly this virtual web is engulfing me. I do realize I have lesser enthusiasm about going for a walk, or play cricket etc. Many a times I have seen myself lecturing my younger cousin to be more outdoor person. Wasn’t Google News enough to kill the fun of news’paper’s? Even a movie in a theatre would sum up to be light exercise in front of what I do. I simply see the bed, so inviting, just hit the sack when I have even 30 minutes of idle time. It is not like a devil’s workshop for I am shutting down my systems. But slowly and surely, I lose something precious in life. Sad to say now, sleeping is not rest but a quest.


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