Acceptance and Lying

Another series of email cleanup of my main gmail account. Part of my memories (and me) that were stored away on the cloud were shredded away. I wanted it to go away for I wanted to forget that part about myself. Somewhere I was afraid that the past always catches up on you. Is this the best way to destroy your past? Maybe. Humans always live with such an atomic view of things. And much of the reality they don’t seem to accept. You may sing that you don’t wish to set the world on fire, but you still envision it burning most of the time. I feel somewhere this rejection of the Truth as it is, leads to Invention of Lying. It’s the only thing which gives you happiness. Why don’t we accept things? That could be wired into our brains by now. Most of us will not sit and ‘accept’ a bad situation, but work our way out. Fix the problem and save yourself. But what if it is a problem or something which you can’t fix? What do you do? Nope you don’t accept things as they are. You lie. You not only lie to others to make them happy, you even lie to yourself. I wish I could reach a point of total truthfulness. But am badly impaired, not only by years of lying.. also by having a role model. We are all in this together, rusting into dust.


One thought on “Acceptance and Lying

  1. “not only by years of lying”

    Treat your self the best way you think could solve. For a change, turn it into truthful saying.. “i did it.. do wat.. i wouldnt the next time”.. for a simple beginning. I know you know a lot better in life.. Still wanted to add-on!

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