It was a weird feeling. One mind numbing event happened today. And I felt as if someone had back-stabbed me. Frankly I was not even involved in it actually, all this happened to someone else. But I felt the pain. As it cut through my back. It wasn’t a knife or some sharp object. It was pure evil. Like you destroy the essence of someone and shatter it into white powder. The black stone that remains, shape it like an icicle. Then you ram it through the back, twist and shake it, for maximum pain. Slowly the evil melts, gets absorbed by the spinal cord. It shoots right through your brain and blocks you out. So much so that you don’t hear your own scream. Yes pure blackness, nothing grey. Then you realize it’s something like Matrix. You have woken up. You have come to the real world. A world ruled by evil, where the souls of people are nothing but flames of pure blackness. The ‘clouds’ of sunshine go away and you see the black sky. Yes there you are, in between the black earth and a black sky, a creature of infinite blackness, seeing everything non-black wrapped about you evaporate. You feel no pain. There is no wound on your back. Yes this is real, a world in black, finally a world where you see the truth.


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