Hyderabad Once More

It was a trip on the run. But a trip to remember how things are now after more than 3 years of stay there. Changes are up and bound. Even the original Khalsa house has shifted. Although it is still in the building facing the old one. The unit now has 3 bedrooms so the group is blessed to have Prakash of Guru Granth Sahib. The library has shifted here completely, with additions of many more great religious books and a whole series on Gurbani Darpan. When people started coming in and around dinner, there was still an old sense of familiarity hanging about. Yes there were many jokes passed about me puffing up. Dinner was nice, but I slept late for some were working late and coming in late. Next morning I got up in time (it had more to do with my broken sleep than discipline). I reached BHEL (with a minor bike ‘incident’). It was nice and peaceful. It was the Amrit Vela I had been missing since long. The flooring was better and nice, but new hall was yet to be made. It was time to go back, but Maula asked if I wanted to visit people around instead. He was asking out of courtesy. I said sure why not. First I went to meet Jathedar sahib and had a nice talk with him. Next I went to sub-Jathedar’s place. Behenji made nice coffee for me. I was about to leave, but Maula was still resting. So I rested, but my rest took forever. Finally we met Parjhaiji and even had lunch there. Sadly I needed to rest there too (remember last night I slept only 4 hours).

Finally we got up at some time and I reached Khalsa house again. There Jasdeep Singh arrived and we left for Gowliguda. Narinder veerji was pleasantly surprised to see me. And he remarked about my changing shape too. From him I picked up my stitched kachhere and also special Gatras and Khajana (bag). After that we had a game of Gatka and I got compliments that my game is still the same as when I left. It is hard to believe. There are so many attacks and strategies which are slowly being forgotten. Then I went back to 202. It had changed. Footwear was now kept out in the hall. There was a door bell. Yes a door bell. I used it. Instinctively as I reached there I knocked, but then I realized the switch ‘felt’ different. I had some juice there and it reminded me of the shopping on weekends for litres of Minute Maid. Soon I felt a bit sleepy so we went to Novotel (not before a thief like stealth visit to another building). The sitting around the swimming pool was not so bad!

I got back to Khalsa house and got ready for the Wednesday morning program. I took my gatka stick, practiced with it and then asked people to start getting ready. I even got the opportunity to do the morning Sewa of Guru sahib. In the program, I sang the first shabad again, though it was not done as nicely as in BHEL. After Langar I slept for some time again (keeping in mind my 0.5 hours of sleep) and when I woke up, I pondered over the flak I got from all the bhabhijis. So I went to Khalsa colony again this time (SMR Vinay) and met everyone again. It was nice and best part was the glass of cold milk and choco-chip cookies. The Hero Passion (or CG) which I was driving had low front tire pressure. So I met parjhaiji and took her scooty. I somehow reached MS and after wait met with some college friends. It was nice to be an outsider in MSIDC again, to be a visitor who should be escorted all time. We were served nice masala tea in the cafe area of MS lounge. Somehow the topic of all talks went back to one person.

I met the Ad Center team too. I had told dada I will be coming in advance but due to his poor social networking skills he failed to notify all the important people. It was nice to see Amardeep back at work, but sadly I missed meeting Raja. I even couldn’t meet Kulwinder veerji. Finally got back to Khalsa house and got into Cab. Jasdeep and Maula (2 of us 3 idiots) came along. We did Rehras Sahib on the way to airport right on time. Reaching there I checked we still had some time. I was treated at Subway which was the best parting gift ever. They packed some Mc Donalds burgers which was SOCH fave. Finally I boarded flight back to Delhi. It was one of those flights where I couldn’t fall asleep… at all.


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