The Davis Center


More than 2 weeks have passed since my arrival at University of Waterloo. And to be honest, I am not even a bit disappointed. Waterloo lives up to its name for being one of the most exciting centres of research in computer science. And I am kind of happy to be here. The subjects all find their bloodline in pure Math, which makes it all the more exciting. My first term courses are Numerical Analysis, Mathematical Foundations of Computer Networks and Privacy Enhancing Technology, the last of which requires big time application of cryptography and ciphers. I have already cried to all what kind of work load we get here. But I still manage to play Star Wars – Knights of the Old Republic (KOTOR) – Sith Lords in between. The game is now an exciting chase across galaxy where I have to find all the Jedi Masters who have gone into hiding. There are many new planets to roam about in the sequel and sadly, all new faces so far. Ever since I have come, spending has been a bit constrained. And I still think I have spent a lot (more than 300$) in first two weeks. Lot went for grocery shopping, eating, buying some basic stuff and buying big stuff (printer and a microwave!). I hope I can reduce my spending in time to come, though I have not stuck to my max ceiling of 20$ spending in one go. Abandoned are plans for buying a bicycle and a harmonium, an 11 inch Lenovo Laptop (I got my Dell 15 inch just a week ago!) and a Katana. Yes I checked again on Lenovo website, the laptop is going more than 500 bucks so definitely dropped. Life in residence is too laid back and relaxed. My classes start at 9 or 10 and get over by 12.30pm. After that if I have no assignment pending, I would come back home, cook some food (or reheat the one masi gave) and go for afternoon nap! That’s like a Yay! But for the last 2-3 days haven’t been getting one. And it is all due to the numerical analysis assignment. Today is getting wasted too. Weekend will have a nice program with Navjot uncle and family. Might meet Leena and Shamor. That should give me a break from the piling assignments. But I might have to finish the ones on Monday before leaving. Let’s see how it goes.


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