Life of TA

Ah this is the life of TA. It was a weird experience checking those 32 copies. How some of them had not submitted anything. Some of them had copied and pasted ‘comments’ invariably. I was surely not pleased. Then followed unbearable spelling mistakes in declarations and some times the kids totally missed the point. Now I saw what it meant to be on the other side of blah blah. Even finding a few students gifted with full marks didn’t make me happy. And the checking passed really nice. Like a breeze. I never realized when the 32nd got over. I was afraid of confirming the work done. What if I had made mistakes in correcting them? You see, am reaching that point in life, when you can no longer make mistakes. Let’s see what happens in the next meeting. What kinda assignment are we handed out? Which reminds me, I have to read the course material. What the kids are being taught! CS115 is the course my friends, and I still don’t know what the title is.


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