One Mistake At A Time

Life is such a simple puzzle, and we keep on making mistakes. Some of us learn the valuable lesson. Others just wish they wouldn’t be making so many mistakes in one go. I, being part of the latter tribe, have decided to take it slow. And so I sit back and enjoy myself, making one mistake at a time. It gives me great opportunity to reflect on what folly has been done, why’s and how’s, often quantizing it to the point that I know how it can be avoided. Grad education is all about avoiding bad karma. Things get really serious here. As soon as the orientation starts, you know you are not one of the undergrad crowd. They are having fun jumping around and people have fun making you run around to do things. As a TA you learn to ask your tutors if you can give full marks to someone for doing nothing. I am afraid what kinda debate the undergrads must be having after getting their assignments checked by me. The 30 odd students must be blessing me, rest must be cursing me till death. And in all this run up to nothing, missing a class is not an option. Why did people invent the snooze button? It is the worst possible idea which still lingers on in spite of unprecedented loss of man hours. I feel life is much better when you hang in the backstage. Just stay on your own, don’t mess and mix with people. Within a week you have your mid term. And that project proposal submission which you always dread. Give priority to only your university and forget everything else. No more gaming, no graphic novels, no internet or friends no nothing. Do you see that happening for me? No eh? Yes I am still slow on that. But like I said, I am going one mistake at a time.


One thought on “One Mistake At A Time

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