On The Edge of Guilt

How does it feel my friend, when the night comes? Don’t you hate it for all it’s stillness? The quiet night makes it hard to ignore those cries and shrieks, the explosions and shelling you heard from close quarters. You thought it will be done and you will get away. But now all those memories walk with you. And so does one more thing, the fear of death. You have proved death is real, and more than that, death is painful. I guess proving something is not same as accepting it. So you sit in some corner of the room, watching the ceiling, afraid that someone from the families of those you killed, is waiting for your blood. They may never reach you really. And you die like that everyday, second by second, in fear. Tell me my friend, how do you react when you are with family and friends? Do you laugh and smile all the time? Or you become quiet suddenly, when the images of the horror you unleashed flash in front of you? Your wife said that you were a changed man, but you are still a mortal. You will die one day. But the pain is immortal, it will go with you. Keep it with care.


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