Youth Kirtan Darbar

Ah here I am, with those beautiful memories fading away. All I remember is the fact, that I stayed ‘awake’, for long. Apart from that single break, that too looking for tea and ending up with warm milk instead, I was totally involved in singing and absoring the vibrations, right there, from epicenter. We even did the morning Panj Baaniyan da Paath and when we came back, we were always smiling. The Light had touched us and dispelled the filth. Everything went well. On the way back, I was thinking whether the thought should be shared or not? As we shifted left and right, moving along the curves of the slithery road on that dark uncertain night, I managed to say a few words. Words to express myself ‘Yes this is it. This is the best. If not the best, one of the best. One of the best ways we could learn Gurbani and experience what Waheguru wants. It can’t get better, can it. Maybe it can. But the deal is this. Today as we leave, if we don’t find a change in ourselves, if we don’t find losing a bit of burden of this mortal life, then it is very hard. We have to work very hard on ourselves then. For events like these are our best chances.’ and then I went silent again. Looking outside I could just see the black cover of the night, no sound, nothing else. There were lights blinking as a car approached us, and I forgot what happened next and how the dream crashed.


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