Objective View of Life

Some people only see shapes and sizes. They analyze the world as purely made up of objects. For them, the living and the non-living are alike, just objects. They don’t understand the emotions which run deep within all of us. Do they have emotions? I guess so. But it is said that they don’t listen to them and so slowly their voice dies. They are always level headed and rational in approach. They know what is right and they will do it, even if it is something they might not like. How can one tell what they like or not? They are loyal to the universal cause and nothing can deter them. So when you stand in front of them, how do they see you? Just another guy with four limbs, torso, head (and a blabbering mouth)? Or can they read your eyes when you are looking down at the crushed leaves of grass? Can they see their own smile when it reflects on you around them? Can they know why you act lost when you have found them unexpectedly? Do they miss you when you leave without goodbye? How audible are the delayed rantings of your bloody pump to them? If it were up to me, I would understand things before they are. But to them, the sights, the sounds are all just the same. No different. So in a way, to them you exist, yet are perfectly invisible. They are focused on their own idea of perfection. Ya it feels really weird to be nearby in 3D space and interact as if the other dimensions are non-intersecting. Maybe the dimensions are not linearly independent. Maybe you will step over. That’s the only hope you need, and any hope is a beautiful remembrance that there is more to you than an objective structure.


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